Governor Cuomo and the New York State Medicaid Waiver Law By Ralph Giordano










The following brief essay from former NYSILC Council Member Ralph Giordano is a response to Peter Karhrmann’s recent blog post rebuking Governor Cuomo and the Department of Health on their TBI Proposal.

Governor Cuomo and the Department of Health (DOH) have put forth a managed care program for persons with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) under the NYS Medicaid Waiver Law.

In today’s world there is no longer a need for blanket managed care.  We now have the human, technological, public and private financial options to allow all but the most dependent persons with TBI’s to live in the community.  The DOH and the Governor seem to be seeking to roll back the clock to a time before the 1970’s before deinstitutionalization occurred.  Now, It could be reasonably argued that too many homeless disabled persons languish on the streets, but this is due to their being denied treatment services, housing opportunities and care giving options.  It is perplexing to hear that New York State wishes to employ managed care which is quite dated, close minded and restrictive.  Much more viable options can be created at a lower cost by carefully matching the client to his/her community, cognitive and physical abilities and medical and prescription requirements.  In addition, the client should also have opportunities for enhancing their daily activity.

This new program being proposed that denies freedom of choice must be altered to ensure that in 2016 and beyond that services for those with TBI continue to provide mandated opportunities that allow this population to live and thrive in their own communities.